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Each year, MBM is very fortunate to meet with talented, bright and driven individuals who have a passion for intellectual property, science and business. There really is no better place to gain rich exposure to all areas of intellectual property and to business.

MBM is committed to growing our students to become well-rounded IP professionals. We offer a truly collaborative approach to mentoring and training our students. You will have access to all professionals and partners in various practice groups. They work with you as much or as little as you need to offer guidance, monitor progress, and foster open communication and feedback, ensuring that you are comfortable and confident in your assignments.

 Current job opportunities available:


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β€œJonathan assists clients with their intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs and trade secrets ”MBM read_more_btn

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 The process of invention is complete only with the IP protection provided in law. That's where MBM comes in. We match our clients' creative thinking with the creative protection needed to achieve their goals.Read More About MBM


It has been a long-standing position of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office that sounds cannot function as trademarks.  While many countries in the world recognize and routinely register sound marks....Read More