Articling Program

During the articling period, students have an opportunity to rotate amongst our three largest practice areas as well as join MBM's in-house education programs and seminars. We also encourage our students to attend external workshops and conferences related to your specific rotation or background. Here is a snapshot of your articling experience as you rotate through our three largest practice groups.


Patent drafting, patent filing and prosecutions before the CIPO, the USPTO and the EPO, exposure to international patent practice, exposure to patent monitoring and management of IP portfolios, due diligence/IP audit and formalities.

Trademark Rotation

Trademark drafting and prosecution, trademark registration and renewal; nationally and internationally, trademark searching for registration eligibility, opposition proceedings, file monitoring and formalities.


Enforcement techniques and the protection of intellectual property rights, defense of patent, trademark and copyright rights, preparation of cease and desist letters, negotiation and settlement practices, drafting of declarations, drafting of applications to rectify chain of title, preparation of appeals of trademark opposition board decisions.


Researching of patent eligibility and validity, researching and contributing to due diligence and infringement opinions, contributing to opinions on trademark registration and infringement, licensing agreements and assignments, participation in strategic meetings, statutory interpretation, preparation of articles for MBM's newsletter.


In-depth training in at least one area of our practice, exploring business development opportunities, administrative procedures and systems, good accounting practices and preparing articles for possible publication.


At MBM there are a number of career paths that you can choose. We're committed to preparing our articling students for a rich future in the world of intellectual property. Your articling experience with us will be intensive and stimulating.

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